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If you aren't blown away by the content in the BYOV in the next 14 days, send me an email and I'll give you a 100% refund.

Become a New Earth Vet
       - Your Own VET


My goal was to find a more holistic way to care for my pets. I found Dr. Jeff online while listening to a pet summit about holistic veterinary care. When Dr. Jeff offered his "Become Your Own Vet" program and I saw that he addressed dentals. I immediately jumped on board. I've gotten so much more than I could have imagined. The program is massive and thorough. Well thought out content and addresses the needs and questions of most pet parents. And the best so far was the attention in the zoom meeting with him.


I just wanted to share with you how grateful I am with your online course "Become your own Vet". I'm amazed at the variety of subjects covered. I started off with the COVID Bunker course, went into the Pet First Responder course which is awesome! I now feel confident knowing which issues really can wait from those that can't. Your course is truly insightful, and I look forward to the hours I will spend enlightening me on ways I can proactively care for my animals.

Judi B

If you're looking to supplement your knowledge of pet care and learn how to do things at home to care for your animals and potentially cut down the number of vet visits this is the place for you.

I wish I had found you years ago.  The knowledge I've already gained from your course is eye opening and bodes well for future pets where I can start them off correctly from the start.


What you get....

Extra Bonus for people that purchase the full year (annual) product before Saturday June 24th at midnight PST. You receive a ½ hour consultation with me. We can discuss your pet's medical issues and optimize care. Or, get a direction on holistic care.

Full access to the educational center. It is all housed there.

3 monthly Zoom calls. All done by Dr. Jeff

  • live and you can ask questions, recorded

  • I will begin with a training session on a focused topic

    • management of epilepsy, holistically

    • arthritis recognition and treatment

    • flea control without pesticides

  • then move into topics provided by you. Get a holistic approach to issues

4 Implementation sessions over the year (recorded)

  • quarterly – three hours a day for 2 days, also a Q&A

  • get direction and strategy to make holistic care easier


  • all VIP recordings for conferences that occur in the next year.




$97 a month, 12 month commitment

$970 for 12 months (two months free)


This is the introductory price. As the course content develops, price will rise for new members. Purchasing now, you can continue with this price forever with annual renewal.

Completed (but always upgrading) Courses 

- Pet First Responder Course

- COVID Bunker Course

- Dental Care in Dogs and Cats

Essentials of Feline Nutrition

Courses in Development

- General Health - Exams and Treatment

- Holistic Nutrition Basics *recipes, raw and cooked, an analysis of foods and why we want to switch what we feed

- Diseases and Conditions *solutions for dogs and cats

- Holistic Treatments

- Holistic Vaccines *includes the vaccine challenge

- Anatomy and Physiology *from my veterinary assistant course

- Holistic Parasite Control

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