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Holistic Corner

No Regular Vaccines

Day 2

Dr. Christina Chambreau

Part 1:Finding and Keeping a Great Holistic Vet

How can you find a holistic veterinarian that matches what you want? Where can your source them and how can you work with one that doesn’t match your every requirement?

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Dr. Andrew Jones

Part 1: Introduction to Holistic Home Remedies

Dr. Jones looks at some home remedies you can try, including DMSO, some natural antibiotics, quercetin, slippery elm, and castor oil.

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Dr. Christina Chambreau

Dr. Andrew Jones

Part 2: How to Direct the Care with Your Vet

 Don’t forget – YOU are the one in charge of your pet’s health. YOU decide what is done. Begin by assessing your skill level. And, then assess the skill level of the vet you want to use.

Part 2: Further Exploration into Holistic Home Remedies You can Use.

Dr. Jones continues his talk and suggests many more home remedies. They include home-made shampoo, an alternative allergy medication, green tea rinse, canasten, coconut oil, and things to avoid cancer. For the latter – dandelion root, fenbendazole come to mind. 

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