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Holistic Corner

Ditch the Deleterious Flea Killers

Day 3

Dr. Dody Tyneway Robi

Part 1: What Should we be Feeding Our Cats?

Dody looks at what we need to feed cats and how best to meet their needs.

Ingrid King

Part 1: Feeding Your Cat for Optimal Health

What do cats need to fulfill them? What is the problem seen in commercial cat foods?

Dody Tyneway Robi

Ingrid King

Part 2:  How Can We Feed Our Cats (Recipes)

 Dody shows us how a diet can be formulated and then shows us in real time how she makes cat food. It isn’t that hard.

Part 2: What Options you have for Feeding Cats

Ingrid looks at the healthiest way to feed cats. For lots of information on cat feeding from great resources.

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