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Holistic Corner

A Holistic Shampoo for Smelly Skin

Day 5

Miranda Alcott,MA,CHH

Part 1: Animal Communication Through Stories

Miranda, an animal communicator, shows us what she has learned from animals where the stories impact the owner. See what the cat said!

Prepare for Travel Gift

Dr. Meghan Barrett

Part 1: Harmonious Homes: Exploring the Importance of Sound Awareness for Pet Owners 

Why did Dr. Meghan get into sound therapy and how did she do it? A fascinating story. See what impact sound can have on pets.

Healing Therapy Through Sound

Miranda Alcott

Dr. Meghan Barrett

Part 2: Do Animal Communication Yourself

Kate gives us several stories on animal communication experiences she has had. See how this technique works.

Part 2: Healing Harmonies: Utilizing Sound Therapy for Pets' Well-being

Dr. Meghan shows us how sound can affect pets, physically and emotionally. And, what sounds are the best?

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