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Holistic Corner

Flea Control with Essential Oils

Day 6

Anke Herrmann

Part 1: Trust Your Magnificent Mind and Tap into Innate Confidence and Intuition

Anke looks at when she adopted a street dog and the immense decisions she had to make. She then looked at how to make decisions using intuition

The Trust Experiment

Eleni Gkikakis

Part 1: What's next after you hear: “there is nothing more we can do?”

A wonderful, inspiring talk about hope and how communication can assist. Ever thought that there can be a better way. Eleni tells us about her horse and a cat that she talked to as examples.

What's Next After You Hear: There is Nothing More We Can Do?

Anke Herrmann

Eleni Gkikakis

Part 2: How to stop second guessing yourself!

Anke shows us how we can make the best decisions and not regret it!

Part 2: A whole new world of possibilities!

Find out what are the possibilities and how to merge it with the care you are already getting. You can see the passion that Eleni has on this topic!

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