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Holistic Corner

Holistic Arthritis Treatment

Day 7

Dr. Judy Morgan

Part 1: Three Ways to Save Money While Saving Your Pet's Life

Vaccinations – how often are they actually needed? You will be surprised at what we are doing wrong. And an intro into the issue with commercial food.

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Dr. Rob Silver

Part 1: Understanding Allergic Pets and Delving into Gut Health

Doc Rob reviews allergies and how to diagnose them. Did you know that there is a difference between fish oils in how allergic they are? And, how you can limit reactions through injectable or oral hyposensitization.

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Dr. Judy Morgan

Dr. Rob Silver

Part 2: Three Ways to Save Money While Saving Your Pet's Life Part

See how Dr. Judy makes her own food. What to feed and what pesticides do – many of the flea medications have severe side effects.

Part 2:  Supporting the Allergic Pet with Mushrooms, Cannabis and a Healthy Digestive System.

Doc Rob Silver delves into how we can treat allergies – the most common ailment we se in pets. Also, he puts it in a holistic perspective. He looks at avoidance – need to pin down if inhalant or food allergy. Testing to differentiate inhaled or food allergies, and of course, treatment. The stars are CBD and mushrooms.

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