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Holistic Corner

Preventing Bladder Problems

Day 8

Liza Weaver

Part 1: Treat the Root Cause Versus Chasing Symptoms

Liza delves into a method to feed that addresses the root cause of any disorder versus chasing symptoms. Part of it is using the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of warming and cooling foods.

Free lesson in how to provide
the best nutrition you can.

Penny Zoolittle

Part 1: Holistic Health - a Paradigm Shift in Pet Care

Penny shows us that health is not a drug, a vet, or therapy. It is correcting imbalances so that we can “Dying Young as Late as Possible”.

Recommended Foods E-book

Liza Weaver

Penny Zoolittle

Part 2: Delving into the Nutritional Foundation

Liza looks at how food can be warming or cooling to suit the condition that the patient has. A new perspective of how to pick foods. See how a higher protein and fat food can boost health.

Part 2: Steps to a Preventative Lifestyle for a Greater YouthSpan

Penny looks at specific tools that can help us extend our pets’ lifespan and healthspan.

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