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Day 1

Dr. Janet Roark

Part 1: Becoming a Healer in Your Home Using Essential Oils 

Dr. Janet shows you how we can use essential oils in our pets. One point is how safe they are, and we can see how they get absorbed. You can use them for behavior!

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Julie Ann Lee,DCH,RCSHom

Part 1: Navigating the Transition from Conventional to Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Julie Anne reveals how you can decide what type of veterinarian you should be getting for you. Lots of ideas on how to screen the veterinarian to see if s/he is the one you want.

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1. Holistic Corner
Foods to Avoid

Day 2

Dr. Christina Chambreau

Part 1: Finding and Keeping a Great Holistic Vet

Dr. Chambreau looks at how to find the perfect veterinarian for holistic care. And, great tips on how to work with them. Take control of your pet’s care!

How to select and best work with holistic veterinarians

Dr. Andrew Jones

Part 1: Introduction to Holistic Home Remedies

Dr. Jones looks at some home remedies you can try, including DMSO, some natural antibiotics, quercetin, slippery elm, and castor oil.

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2. Holistic Corner
No Regular Vaccines

Day 3

Dr. Dody Tyneway Robi

Part 1: What Should we be Feeding Our Cats?

Dody looks at what we need to feed cats and how best to meet their needs.

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Ingrid King

Part 1: Feeding Your Cat for Optimal Health

What do cats need to fulfill them? What is the problem seen in commercial cat foods?

3. Holistic Corner
Ditching the Deleterious
Flea Killers

Day 4

Kate Solisti

Part 1: First: Ask the Right Questions, Second: Do No Harm

Kate tells us some stories about how communication works with animals. See what it can reveal, especially in terms of what is medically wrong with the pet.

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Christine Noble Seller

Part 1: What is Possible through Animal Communication? : Find out what animal communication is (and isn’t)

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4. Holistic Corner
Perfect Diet for
Cats & Dogs

Day 5

Miranda Alcott,MA,CHH

Part 1: Animal Communication Through Stories

Miranda, an animal communicator, shows us what she has learned from animals where the stories impact the owner. See what the cat said!

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Dr. Meghan Barrett

Part 1: Harmonious Homes: Exploring the Importance of Sound Awareness for Pet Owners

Why did Dr. Meghan get into sound therapy and how did she do it? A fascinating story. See what impact sound can have on pets.

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5. Holistic Corner
A Holistic Shampoo
for Smelly Skin

Day 6

Anke Herrmann

Part 1: Trust your Magnificent Mind and Tap into Innate Confidence and Intuition

Anke looks at when she adopted a street dog and the immense decisions she had to make. She then looked at how to make decisions using intuition

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Eleni Gkikakis

Part 1 : What's next after you hear: “there is nothing more we can do?

A wonderful, inspiring talk about hope and how communication can assist. Ever thought that there can be a better way. Eleni tells us about her horse and a cat that she talked to as examples.

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6. Holistic Corner
Flea Control with
Essential Oils

Day 7

Dr. Rob Silver

Part 1: Understanding Allergic Pets and Delving into Gut Health.

 Doc Rob reviews allergies and how to diagnose them. Did you know that there is a difference between fish oils in how allergic they are? And, how you can limit reactions through injectable or oral hyposensitization.

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Dr. Judy Morgan

Part 1: Three Ways to Save Money While Saving Your Pet's Life

Vaccinations – how often are they needed? You will be surprised at what we are doing wrong. And an intro into the issue with commercial food.

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7. Holistic Corner
Holistic Treatment
for Athritis

Day 8

Liza Weaver

Part 1: Treat the Root Cause Versus Chasing Symptoms

Liza delves into a method of feeding that addresses the root cause of any disorder versus chasing symptoms. Part of it is using the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of warming and cooling foods.

Free Lesson on how to provide the best nutrition you can.

Penny Zoolittle

Part 1: Holistic Health - a Paradigm Shift in Pet Care

Penny shows us that health is not a drug, a vet, or therapy. It is correcting imbalances so that we can “Dying Young as Late as Possible”.

Free eBook - A guidebook on how to have the best approach to health.

8. Holistic Corner
Preventing Bladder Problems

Day 9

Dr. Angie Krause

Part 1: How to Pick a Pet Food

Want to improve diet yet keep the cost of food down? Dr. Angie reveals a way you can do this and feed a better food. Find out the ins and outs of picking food – what we need to consider when making a choice

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Chelsea Kent

Part 1 : How Diet can Improve or Poison Health

Chelsea reveals some of the ways that diet (and environment) can affect health. It is amazing what testing can reveal!

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9. Holistic Corner
What do if your Pet
has a seizure

Your Purchase includes everything above as well as the part 2s for every speaker (more in-depth) and holistic corner recordings.

The 9 Holistic Corner Recordings

Preconference     Holistic Series Introduction
Day 1                        Food – What to Avoid
Day 2                        No Regular Vaccines
Day 3                        Ditch the Deleterious Flea Killers
Day 4                        The Perfect Diet for Cats and Dogs
Day 5                         A Holistic Shampoo for Smelly Skin
Day 6                        Flea Control with Essential Oils
Day 7                        Holistic Arthritis Treatment
Day 8                        Preventing Bladder Problems
Day 9                        What to do if your Pet has a Seizure

Dr. Janet Roark

Dr. Julie Ann Lee

Part 2: Holistic Flea Prevention

Dr. Janet tells us what we can use to control fleas and ticks. Think of soaking collars with essential oils.

Part 2:How to Advocate for your Animal and Build your Holistic Healthcare Team

Part 2: How to Advocate for your Animal and Build your Holistic Healthcare Team

Dr. Andrew Jones

Dr. Christina Chambreau

Part 2: Further Exploration into Holistic Home Remedies You Can Use

Dr. Jones continues his talk and suggests many more home remedies. They include home-made shampoo, an alternative allergy medication, green tea rinse, canasten, coconut oil, and things to avoid cancer. For the latter – dandelion root, fenbendazole come to mind. 

Part 2: How to Direct the Care with Your Vet

Don’t forget – YOU are the one in charge of your pet’s health. YOU decide what is done. Begin by assessing your skill level. And, then assess the skill level of the vet you want to use.

Dr. Dody Tyneway Robi

Ingrid King

Part 2: How Can We Feed Our Cats (Recipes)

Dody shows us how a diet can be formulated and then shows us in real time how she makes cat food. It isn’t that hard.

Part 2:What Options you have for Feeding Cats

Ingrid looks at the healthiest way to feed cats. For lots of information on cat feeding:

Kate Solisti

Christine Noble Seller

Part 2: Case Examples (Stories) or Real Animal Communication Sessions

Kate gives us several stories about animal communication experiences she has had. See how this technique works

Part 2: I'm considering learning animal communication. Is there training you recommend?

Anyone can do it. Christine shows us what you can do to learn animal communication.

Miranda Alcott,MA,CHH

Dr. Meghan Barrett

Part 2: Do Animal Communication Yourself

Find out how you can communicate with animals with a specially-designed exercise. It could take you down a new path!

Part 2: Healing Harmonies: Utilizing Sound Therapy for Pets' Well-being

Dr. Meghan shows us how sound can affect pets, physically and emotionally. And, what sounds are the best?

Anke Herrmann

Eleni Gkikakis

Part 2: How to stop second guessing yourself!

Anke shows us how we can make the best decisions and not regret it!

Part 2 : A whole new world of possibilities!

Find out what are the possibilities and how to merge them with the care you are already getting. You can see the passion that Eleni has for this topic!

Dr. Rob Silver

Judy Morgan

Part 2: Supporting the Allergic Pet with Mushrooms, Cannabis and a Healthy Digestive System.

Doc Rob Silver delves into how we can treat allergies – the most common ailment we se in pets. Also, he puts it in a holistic perspective. He looks at avoidance – need to pin down if inhalant or food allergy. Testing to differentiate inhaled or food allergies, and of course, treatment. The stars are CBD and mushrooms.

Part 2 : Three Ways to Save Money While Saving Your Pet's Life Part

See how Dr. Judy makes her own food. What to feed and what pesticides do – many of the flea medications have severe side effects.

Penny Zoolittle

Liza Weaver

Part 2: Steps to a Preventative Lifestyle for a Greater YouthSpan

Penny looks at specific tools that can help us extend our pets’ lifespan and health span.

Part 2 : Delving into the Nutritional Foundation

Liza looks at how food can be warming or cooling to suit the condition that the patient has. A new perspective of how to pick foods. See how a higher protein and fat food can boost health.

Dr. Angie Krause

Chelsea Kent

Part 2: Elevating Your Pet’s Food on a Budget

Find out the ins and outs of picking food – what we need to consider when making a choice.

Part 2 : How Does Food Impact Hormones?

Chelsea looks at how to do hair analysis and what great things it can tell us. It can tell us the status of the hormones and lead to it being diagnosed and then treated.

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