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Holistic Corner

My Cat/Dog is Always Hungry

Day 3

Jason Donas

Part 1: Fire Your Vet

Jason shows us how we can do two things. One is avoid the vet through better nutrition and care. The other is to critically evaluate the care your veterinarian is providing to you and your pet. Jason does not hold back!

Dr. Rob Silver

Part 1: Cats: CBD and Mushrooms for Health

Dr. Rob Silver talks about the value of CBD in cats and how to dose it. Also, mushroom supplements which are good for healing such as ones that can help kidney function.

Odette Suter

Part 1: Spay and Neuter - If and When for Health

Early spay and neuter = more cancer, arthritis, joint problems. Some countries like Norway have a law against sterilizing dogs. Very different from North America. Find out a new way to sterilize girl dogs and keep the hormones. But there are some cautions from other species.

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