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Holistic Corner

How to Start Feeding Raw

Day 4

Pam Roussell

Part 1: Muscle Testing – a Hidden Door to the Answers you Seek

Pam shows us how easy muscle testing can be with several techniques. It can be used to see if a certain food or supplement should be offered.

Free Ebook: Building Your Cat’s Holistic Toolkit

Joan Ranquet

Part 1: Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) in Animals

Harmonious Homes: Exploring the Importance of Sound Awareness for Pet Owners

Free Ebooks: Introduction to EFT/Tapping plus 2 e-books

Michael Daly

Part 1: Making your Own Food

See how simple it is to make your food. Michael describes a cooked version of the diet that is easy to make and boosts health.

Free Ebook: Original Crockpot Diet

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