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Holistic Corner

How Often are Vaccines Needed?

Day 5

Ana Maria Vasquez

Part 1: Who's Training Who? The Metaphysical Connection to Dog Training

Ana Maria delves into dogs being energetic mirrors for us, with them becoming our opportunity for self-discovery. Knowing this can deepen the bond with your friend and help solve their/your experiences.

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Kathleen Prasad

Part 1: An Introduction to Reiki for Cats with meditation

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique, often known as tapping, Joan explains how we can use it for anxiety disorders. Think of animals and the 4th of July as well as fearful animals in shelters.

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Liza Weaver

Part 1: Holistic Approach to Cat Nutrition, Part 1

Liza Weaver shows us what makes cats unique in their nutritional needs and how to meet those needs. It really isn’t that hard. Liza gives us an entire course in an hour.

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