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Holistic Corner

Why Commercial Diets Fail

Day 6

Christine Noble Seller

Part 1: Communication with Animals: What THEY Want You to Know

Ever wondered what your furry friend really wants? Christine shows us how communication can help us get the answers.

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Penny Zoolittle

Part 1: The Whole Animal and the Longevity Answer Part 1

Want your pet to live longer? Dr. Zoolittle gives us some ideas that you can implement easily.

 Free Ebook: Cat and Dog Food List

Tony Nevin

Part 1: Osteopathy for Pets

Tony Nevin tells us what osteopathy is all about and how it can help your pes. It is used in all kinds of wildlife and he even teaches a course of osteopathy for elephants.

Gift: Free consultation on osteopathy – help in maximizing health.


Tim Mitchum

Part 1: Change your Pet’s Future with Plasma

See what plasma can help – from chronic allergies to arthritis. All wit no side effects.

Newsletter: Informative Newsletter on Plasma

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