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Day 1

Allecia Maine

Part 1: Authentic Alpha Energy Language: The Missing Link in Dog Training

The key is breathing. That is what is used as a way to communicate with our dogs.

Adele Leas

Part 1: An Introduction to Jin Shin Jyutsu for Your Animal Companions

Adele shows us how we can deepen the bond between us and our animals through an art that balances body, mind, and spirit. It began with her health challenges, but seeing the improvement, she applied it to her dog and then other animals.

Learning more about a simple-to-learn way to connect with your animals at a deep level

Julie Ann Lee,DCH,RCSHom

Part 1: Homeopathy to the Rescue - the fastest growing medical modality in the world

Julie Anne discusses the benefits of homeopathy and how to use it.

Free Ebook: Homeopathic First Aid Kit

1. How Long do Vaccines Last?

Day 2

Andrea Ring

Part 1: Homeopathy for Cats

Andrea gives us a primer on homeopathy and delves into the fact that the more diluted it is, the stronger its effect. As well, if you have an unhappy cat, you can give it with the food.

Rita Hogan

Part 1: Start Using Herbs with Infusions

Ever wanted to use herbs in your dog? It can be as easy as making tea. Find out the best infusions to make for this time of year and what they are used for.

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Part 1: Feeding Real Food in a Crockpot

Do you want to cook for your dog? Find out how simple it is using a crockpot (or any other pot for that matter).

Free eBook: 5 truths about commercial pet food

2. Preventing Cancer

Day 3

Jason Donas

Part 1: Fire Your Vet

Jason shows us how we can do two things. One is avoid the vet through better nutrition and care. The other is to critically evaluate the care your veterinarian is providing to you and your pet. Jason does not hold back!

Dr. Rob Silver

Part 1: Cats: CBD and Mushrooms for Health

Dr. Rob Silver talks about the value of CBD in cats and how to dose it. Also, mushroom supplements which are good for healing such as ones that can help kidney function.

Free eBook:  "The Truth About Pet Allergies” on treating Pet Allergies with CBD and mushrooms and PEA

Odette Suter

Part 1: Spay and Neuter - If and When for Health

Early spay and neuter = more cancer, arthritis, joint problems. Some countries like Norway have a law against sterilizing dogs. Very different from North America. Find out a new way to sterilize girl dogs and keep the hormones. But there are some cautions from other species.

Free eBook:  "The Comprehensive Guide to Pet Gut Health

3. My Cat/Dog is
Always Hungry

Day 4

Pam Roussell

Part 1: Muscle Testing – a Hidden Door to the Answers you Seek

Pam shows us how easy muscle testing can be with several techniques. It can be used to see if a certain food or supplement should be offered.

Joan Ranquet

Part 1: Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) in Animals

Free Ebooks: Introduction to EFT/Tapping plus 2 e-books

Michael Daly

Part 1: Making your Own Food

Free Ebook: Original Crockpot Diet

4. How to Start
Feeding Raw

Day 5

Ana Maria Vasquez

Part 1: Who's Training Who? The Metaphysical Connection to Dog Training

Ana Maria delves into dogs being energetic mirrors for us, with them becoming our opportunity for self-discovery. Knowing this can deepen the bond with your friend and help solve their/your experiences.

Free Gift: Top 5 Ways to Connect with Animals & Nature audio and PDF

Kathleen Prasad

Part 1: An Introduction to Reiki for Cats with meditation

Kathleen shows us how cats differ from other species because they are so attuned to energy. We want to do it for healing and connection. Kathleen leads us in a meditation to begin the practice.

Free Gift: Free Reiki Course for Cats

Liza Weaver

Part 1: Holistic Approach to Cat Nutrition, Part 1

Liza Weaver shows us what makes cats unique in their nutritional needs and how to meet those needs. It really isn’t that hard. Liza gives us an entire course in an hour.

Free Gift: Free lesson on how to provide the best nutrition you can.

5. How Often are Vaccines Needed?

Day 6

Christine Noble Seller

Part 1: Communication with Animals: What THEY Want You to Know

Ever wondered what your furry friend really wants? Christine shows us how communication can help us get the answers.

Free 1 Hour Q&A on Zoom to continue the conversation about 'Communication with Animals: What THEY Want You to Know'

Penny Zoolittle

Part 1: The Whole Animal and the Longevity Answer Part 1

Want your pet to live longer? Dr. Zoolittle gives us some ideas that you can implement easily.

 Free Ebook: Cat and Dog Food List

Tony Nevin

Part 1: Osteopathy for Pets

Tony Nevin tells us what osteopathy is all about and how it can help your pets. It is used in all kinds of wildlife and he even teaches a course of osteopathy for elephants.

Free consultation on osteopathy – help in maximizing health.


Tim Mitchum

Part 1: Change your Pet’s Future with Plasma

See what plasma can help – from chronic allergies to arthritis. All with no side effects.

Subscription to the Informative Newsletter on Plasma

6. Why Commercial Diets Fail

Your Purchase includes everything above as well as the part 2s for every speaker (more in-depth) and holistic corner recordings.

Conference 8 Holistic Recordings

Pre-conference    Make Your Own Food     
Day 1                         How Long do Vaccines Last?
Day 2                         Preventing Cancer    
Day 3                         Why is My Dog/Cat Always Hungry?
Day 4                         How to Start Feeding Raw?
Day 5                         How Often Are Vaccines Needed?
Day 6                         Why Commercial Diets Fail

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