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The Conference Runs
Oct 23rd at 8 am PDT 
to Oct 30 at 9 pm PDT

An Opportunity for Permanent Access

VIP Package

* 18 recordings from the Holistic Care, Happy Pets Conference

Adele Leas

Creating a deeper connection with Jin Shin Jyutsu

Want to boost your bond and calm your pet? Adele Leas shows you how to do Jin Shin Jyutsu – a Japanese technique to release tension.


Amy Snow

An ounce of Prevention with Acupressure

Have you heard about acupressure?  It is a simple way to get great health benefits in your pet.


Ana Maria Vasquez

The Energy Behind Your Animal’s Symptoms

Animals often show the same symptoms that we have. If we have a sore leg, they reflect it back by limping. Find out what this connection is.


Andrea Ring

Creating Your Homeopathic Toolbox

Ever wanted to use homeopathy? Andrea Ring reviews the common remedies you need to get started.


Christine Noble Seller

Communication with Animals: What THEY Want You to Know

Ever wondered what your furry friend really wants? Christine shows us how communication can help us get the answers.


Debbie Singer

Demystifying Misconceptions of Biting and Scratching From a Cat Vet and Cat

Does your cat bite or scratch out of the blue? Why does s/he do that? Get the answers from a cat communicator.



Donna Middleton

How can Nutrition affect your dog’s Behavior? 

Do you have a dog that is shy or aggressive? Donna explains how nutrition can trigger this behavior and how to change it.


Ingrid King

The Importance of Environmental Enrichment for Cats

Do you have one box for each cat plus one extra? Where are the food and water bowls? These are things to keep in mind for happy cats.



Dr. Janet Roarke

Essential Oils for Healthy, Happy Pets

Have you heard that essential oils are dangerous? Dr. Janet Roarke tells us they are safe and how to use them for many conditions.


Joan Ranquet

Enrich the Mental & Emotional Health of Your Pets with Energy

Your dog/cat is exuberant or anxious – how can get them to calm without drugs? The answer is through tapping – a simple technique you can learn.


Judy Morgan

Treating Allergies Holistically

You have an itchy dog and it is allergies. Find out the best way to avoid drugs and the cost of treatment.



Lisa Winters

Feeding a Cat Naturally

Canned pumpkin works great for cats with constipation. And what is the best way to feed cats naturally? Find out what their needs are as well as find out if you need to get vitamin B12 injections.


Liz Clifton

Creating Harmony and Calm in Your Home


Got a nervous dog or cat? Liz tells us how to approach changing the behavior, all beginning with us. Find out how to calm yourself.


Liza Weaver

Raw Feeding for the Athlete

Imagine feeding the canine athlete. Their metabolism is so fast that they have unique needs and Liza explains how to do it.


Pam Roussell

Building Your Cat’s Holistic Toolkit

Want to give your cat the optimal nutrition and add the right supplements? Know what to add for each season? Pam gives you the answers as well as a way to get professional advice.


Penny Zoolittle

Holistic = The Whole Animal and the Longevity Answer

Want your pet to live longer? Dr. Zoolittle gives us some ideas that you can implement easily.


Dr. Rob Silver

The Truth About CBD for Pets

Do you want to use CBD? Dr. Silver tells us why we’d want to use it and how to do it.


Susan Bohrer

Food Therapy: how to use Food as Medicine to support your Dog.


Want to find out what to feed older dogs, dogs with allergies, and overweight dogs? Dr. Bohrer shares some great ideas on tackling these problems.

speaker list and topics

*The 7 Holistic Recordings

- simple things you can do to go the holistic route TODAY!

Day 0 - Bonus Preconference Webinar – Preventing Cancer

Day 1 – The Right Food for Dogs and Cats

Day 2 – Vaccines - how long do they last?

Day 3 – The True Cause of Obesity

Day 4 – Homemade Food Diet Recipe – Dogs and Cats

Day 5 – The titer Solution, Done Just Once

Day 6 – Deadly insecticides

Premium Package

* All 18 recordings from the Holistic Care, Happy Pets Conference (see description for VIP package)

*The 7 Holistic Recordings

(see description for VIP package)

*The C****D Bunker Course.

A course designed for people unable to get to see their veterinarian for regular services during lockdown in the pandemic. It grew from there to a critique of how we do veterinary care in pets.

The topics of the five webinars include:

- C****D and Pets – Does C****D infect pets and are we at risk from them?

- Parasites – Do we need a heartworm test prior to starting heartworm preventives? Short answer - NO.

- Vaccination – Why do we vaccinate so often and what can we do instead?

- Nutrition – What foods create health in dogs? Which ones don’t? See a sample homemade recipe.

- Emergency Care – Common Conditions you can help with. Be your dog's first responder.

* The Pet First Responder Course

Use this course to help your dog or cat. It consists of written notes and over 6 hours of webinars. 

Why do you need a pet first aid course? Simply, to save a life. If you are prepared for a medical emergency, there is a better chance you can pull your friend through. This course is designed to help guide you through what to do if faced with an emergency involving your four-legged friend. It is emergency preparedness at its best. You will learn what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do.


My wish is to save lives. If you have the same goal, you can do it by learning this material. Also, if you work with dogs or cats, this will show your clients that you care and that you can help out if an emergency arises with the companions in your care.

Permanent access. Includes admission to the Zoom meetings and intensives that highlight the use of the first aid principles.


Section 1 – Your Role as a First Responder

I introduce you to first aid and describe a first aid kit that you can make at home. You will also see how to protect yourself, including muzzling techniques.


Section 2 – Treating Dogs and Cats

I review treatment techniques. You’ll learn how to give injections, clean and treat ears, and how to administer medications of all types.


Section 3 – The Primary Assessment – Checking Vitals

I teach you how to do a primary assessment. This helps you decide if you need to institute first aid, if you have to get to the veterinarian, or if it can wait. You assess using a TPR (temperature-pulse-respiration), gum color and hydration. And, a trick on how to use a stethoscope.


Section 4 – Conditions: Cuts and Bandaging, Allergies, Eye Emergencies, Fractures, Poisonings, Bloat, Blocked Cats and Choking

Lots here to look at. Learn what to do with cuts (bandaging), allergic reactions, eye ailments, fractures, and if your cat is blocked or dog bloated.


Section 5 - Too Cold, Too Hot, Shock, Vomiting and Diarrhea and Seizures

We delve into seizures, vomiting and diarrhea, as well as hyperthermia and burns and the opposite, freezing and hypothermia. Add in a lesson on when to use a cat laxative.


Section 6 – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

This is a complete CPR course consisting of five in-depth webinars and text documents based on the most current knowledge from the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.

You’ll learn how the heart works and how breathing is controlled. Then, you’ll learn the ABCs. This is followed by instructions on cardiac and thoracic chest compressions – how fast and how hard, and how you add in breathing. It ends by covering the risks of CPR and looking at when we do a do-not-resuscitate (DNR).


Section 7 - Case Reports of Dog Diseases

This is a series of cases and descriptions so you can see how to put your learning to work. Dr. jeff is always adding to this.


Section 8 - Case Reports of Cat Diseases

Same as the previous lesson but the focus is on cat ailments.


Section 9 - Poisonings

A run-through of the different things that can poison cats and dogs (there are real differences).

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