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The Animal Energy Connection Conference 

Want to learn how to communicate with your pet? What can you do with homeopathy? Then there is Reiki and T-Touch. Plus lots more in the 27 information-packed interviews.

Every interview is seeking to teach you about an "energy" technique. Get permanent access to them

Find out more on what topics were covered HERE.

Save 25% by using the code CONF25

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Holistic Vaccinology Challenge 

You've learn that vaccines aren't totally safe and neither are they 100% effective.

This challenge teaches you what you need to know to make decisions on which vaccines you should and shouldn't get for your dog and cat. And what do you do if vaccines are required?

You will emerge with a plan to do the least harm. Find out more HERE and get permanent access to the webinars.

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Homemade Food E-books 

Provide a nutritious diet that meets your pet's needs that they will like.


Two e-books, one for cats and one for dogs. Each has 10 recipes you can use to feed your friend. You can provide a nutritious diet that meets their needs that they will like.


You will see recipes that call for added bones while others are made with meat. Some are cooked or use cooked ingredients. Order it HERE.




For cats: Beef, Turkey, Chicken and Sardine Meatloaf, and lots of recipes for raw for cats (the way they like it best)


For dogs: Dr. Morgan’s Raw, Baked or Crockpot Diet, as well as many cooked and raw variations.

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Holistic Vets Speak Out 

Permanent access to all 18 webinars presented in the Holistic Vets Speak Out conference. They will be hosted in the educational center. Lots on nutrition, canine based.  Also, spay/neter, gut health, and vaccines.

Check it out HERE.

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Pet First Responder 

Use this course to help your dog or cat. It consists of written notes and over 6 hours of webinars. 

Why do you need a pet first aid course? Simply, to save a life. If you are prepared for a medical emergency, there is a better chance you can pull your friend through. This course is designed to help guide you through what to do if faced with an emergency involving your four-legged friend. It is emergency preparedness at its best. You will learn what to do, and just as importantly, what not to do.

Permanent access and admission to the monthly Zoom meetings and intensives that highlight the use of the first aid principles.

Check it out HERE.

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