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This Zoom event was held Feb 23-25 . Dr. Jeff looked at a holistic approach to vaccines for dogs and cats.
It was recorded and is offered as a VIP purchase. In addition to the live event, the recordings include a set of webinars that look at all situations in dogs and cats so that you can apply the knowledge to create their vaccination program.
As well, two e-books are included, each has 10 homemade food recipes, one for cats and one for dogs.

Agenda for Dog and Cat Vaccinology Challenge

The goals…

  • Challenge you to learn what you can do for holistic vaccines

  • When does your dog need the “core” vaccines, and why puppies need to wait!

  • What vaccines does your cat need?

  • Concerns with over-vaccination and how to avoid it.

  • Non-core vaccines that are NOT necessary

  • The test you can do to prevent your dog being vaccinated!

  • reduce costs and increase health


Day 1:

  • do we need vaccines?

  • vaccine side effects

    • allergic reactions, immune disease, cancer

  • what’s been tried

    • change injection sites

    • reduce dose of vaccine

    • purify vaccines

      • adjuvants – went nowhere – it is the injection

      • still has the disease and some additives in there

    • BEST METHOD – that is what I’ll focus on

      • reduce frequency (best method but rarely practiced)

  • Why is one interval adopted by one vet and not another

Day 2

Specific vaccines

  • coronavirus

  • core vaccines:

    • parvovirus – dogs and cats

    • distemper – dogs (not cats)

  • Lyme disease

  • lepto

  • feline FeLV

Why Was the FIV Vaccine Discontinued?

Giardia in dogs vaccine gone

Day 3

  • Bordetella – it does not prevent infection and spreading.

  • canine influenza

  • feline rhino and calici (and Bordetella)

    • persistent infections

  • what is the requirement for vaccination – a healthy dog/cat?

    • implications for cancer, etc

The RABIES vaccine

Vaccine Detox plan – homeopathic detox


VIP session Putting it all together

Core vaccines, titers, and vaccination plan – cats and dogs

  • the vaccines given depend on risk

  • one and done

  • the indoor cat plan.

  • the apartment dog plan, farm dog, going to shows

  • titers and how to us them.

what to do if a kennel insists on vaccination – our experiences.

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