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Holistic Care of Chronic Canine Diarrhea

It leads to house soiling - poop around the house, or it might wake you up at night. It can be a challenge. Check out this webinar on how it can be treated holistically.

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Ashley Metta
Ashley Metta
Aug 01, 2023

We have been through a lot of this with my 5 year old Australian Shepherd. She starting having recurring bouts of diarrhea since about 2 years old. I found it very interesting what you said about shepherds and the pancreas! Our holistic vet diagnosed her with chronic pancreatitis about 6 months ago and she’s now doing much better with her enzymes, probiotics and other supplements. Recently she’s developed a near constant congested nose with discharge and she is always licking and biting at her paws. Tells me something else is still going on. You are right about this road being expensive! But I really am happy that she’s feeling so much better and I wish I would’ve done it sooner!

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