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Become a New Earth Vet
- Your Own Vet

Be the SUPERVET for your pet. 

Let Dr. Jeff unleash your powers. 

Health Care for Animals is in a Crisis!

It is hard to get a veterinary appointment without a long wait. Even emergency hospitals are turning people away.

Veterinary costs are going up and there is no break on the horizon.

Most vets prefer to push the conventional approach with their processed food, medications, and strong insecticides.

Only a few vets endorse feeding real food and limiting medications. Most know nothing about alternative therapies.

It is frustrating. And you are not alone.

The solution is…Become a New Earth Vet – Your Own Vet.

Imagine being able to handle health issues that arise in your cat or dog. You can learn what to do with any disease or condition. Some may require a veterinary visit, but you will also know if you can manage it at home and what to do.

And, also knowing the best way to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place.

Imagine having a meeting three times a month with Dr. Jeff where you can learn the newest techniques for treatment and also the ability to ask questions specific to your pet. Get the advice you need.

You can learn the holistic treatments that you can implement at home.

This is key - I don’t want you to buy this program and put it on the shelf.

I have a way for you to do this in a structured plan. It is made for you to have success. I will be mentoring you along the way.



Program consists of:

  • Course access (all lessons above in the Become a New Earth Vet – Your Own Vet)​

    • Holistic Nutrition Basics​

    • Holistic Vaccinology (reducing them to an absolute minimum)

    • Parasitology

    • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Includes these courses:
    • Pet First Responder​
    • C***D Bunker Course
    • Dental Care for Dogs and Cats

  • Office Hours - Live Sessions - Five Zoom meetings you can join each month

    • Focus on newly released material and a live Q&A

  • Added courses on holistic treatments from other experts.

  • Exclusive access to Become a New Earth Vet Implementation Sessions – Quarterly Conferences

  • Access to launched Conference  and Challenge VIP recordings that I host.

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