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Bone Broth - can it Replace Bones?

Bone broth is made from boiling bones in water for a LOOOOONG time. Does it meet the calcium needs of our friends? What else can it do?

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Hello Dr. Jeff,

I make bone broth in my Instant Pot (hoping that it is turning out as nutritious as the loooong boiled version). I add apple cider vinegar as it’s said to help to draw out minerals from the bone. The bones, especially of chicken, become like mush in the Instant Pot, and are very easy to smoosh into a paste - no tiny bone shards at all. The marrow is a big part of that paste. I feel like there’s a lot of nutrition in there. My question is: is this bone and marrow paste safe to it ? We don’t feed cooked bones because of their choking potential, but I’ve also read that a cooked bone mu…

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