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Fat or Thin? This is how you decide!

Updated: Apr 8

Vets use Body Condition Scoring to assess how their dogs and cats are. You can use this to see where your friend is and if you need to do anything.

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I think my 2 dogs are overweight! But I dont understand why? The get fresh food daily, real food, whole food. Example: Veggies... broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, Cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, green beans, spinach, I mixed the type of veggies up.

Then for the meat/protein portion, can get fresh cooked chicken, chicken breast, dark meat, organs, chicken livers, ground turkey, ground beef, sardines, salmon, New York sirloin steak, Pork roast, Pork ribs, sometimes tofu, brisket, eggs. So in each meal they get some veggies and some meat. they get a slightly larger portion in the morning, and I mean just slightly larger, and slightly lees at night. Treats are salmon skins from Trader Joes, tiny trader joes dog cookies, Sometimes a littl…

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Nowhere in this list of great foods do you mention how you measure and what quantities you give. That is where to start - calculate what you are feeding on an average day and then reduce it by 1/4. The food quality/type alone does not equal less calories than what they need.

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