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Gabapentin - Why it Doesn't work

Updated: Apr 8

It is dispensed like candy but it really doesn't work that well. Find out why.

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+1 this question. Other than NSAIDs which kidney compromised animals need to limit, what’s the recommendation? Tramadol?

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Thanks for this video. Would you happen to have a recommendation for safely sedating a cat who has chronic kidney disease and fear aggression at his vet exams? The natural remedies haven't worked for him (Rescue Remedy, Feliway, Anxitane), and the 100 mg Gabapentin barely sedates him, he's still difficult for vets to handle. Am I causing further damage to his kidneys by giving him a 100 - 150 mg Gabapentin pill six times a year? Thank you

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@Minnie Young I do appreciate your concern, best wishes to your fur family too! My boy has a calm & happy life when at home—but I could never deny him routine and ER medical care as needed, it’s saved his life a number of times.  He eats good quality food & natural supplements but more than that is needed, especially when genetic issues are mixed in. I do as much as possible for him at home but am here to find safe ways to calm him in medical situations with vets : )  Take care!

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Might I inquire why there is not a manuscript to read? I hate listenting to a long drawn out video.

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What do you recommend for pain meds if not gabapentin?

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