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Solve that Dog's Behavior Problem

Updated: Apr 8

The behavior conference is on and it is time to take behavior seriously. Let's figure out what you need to do to solve the issue.

Of course, you can get on the Internet. Two problems - it takes a lot of time and much of the information is outdated.

Or, you can pay for a consultation. You know how much that costs! Here is a better way...

The ACE Behavior Solutions Course.

This course, designed by Mike Annan, trainer and behaviorist, offers you the tools to take on any behavior challenge.

If you have a reactive dog, see how to tone them down when they are triggered. Prey drive - seems quite an easy fix and I did this on my own dog (Border Collies are famous for prey drive). The lessons are immense and well thought out.

The course even includes a full class on obedience. It is in so much detail, you can learn how to teach it, but applying it to your dog will be easy.

All of Mike's techniques do not condone any punishment and you will see them as friendly. The full course is described in detail if you click the button below.

The bonus? The cost is way less than a behavioral consultation or even an obedience class, yet you get both for one low price. And, you have it as long as you need!

Check it out here:

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