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Surprising Triggers for Pancreatitis

We are told that high fat meals trigger pancreatitis. There is a lot more to that.

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Cathy Collin
Cathy Collin
10 nov 2023

I remember in one summit you organized, you had mentioned,with the other professional, that Triaditis ( for cats) was really Pancreatitis.

I must admit that ,when my cat got sick vomiting and fever, the ultra sounds were showing inflammation in the Pancreas, small intestines, liver and some other organs and that made the vets say that it was Triaditis.

One of her nutritionists mentioned that she could be allergic to some food, so I cut all the canned foods ( she does not accept only raw) that had anything other than meat.

But Cécile loves a brand ( Core cat food) that has fish in it. I had noticed that she had difficulty in digesting it, but she was doing…

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You've got it! If the pancreas gets inflamed, the other organs are often involved. we just have to search for the inflammatory trigger and you are doing that. Well done.

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