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Vaccine Hesitancy in Pets

Over 50% of people question vaccine effectiveness, side effects, and need. But, you will see, if depends on how you manipulate the data.

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MJ Raichyk
MJ Raichyk
18 Σεπ 2023

People DIE from RABIES b/c THEY ARE DENIED PROPER Care... injectible high dose vitC...


the most useful thing those deluded Public 'Health' jerks could do is to put their boots on and go clean out the bats in the local belfries, since those jerks are guilty of large numbers of covid deaths for sitting on their hands when they should have challenged the BAN on Ivermectin aka horse paste.

For the record, one of our local veterinarians did become active in supplying IVM after checking to see if we had data on the proper dosing. The blinkin' county public health dictators made life difficult for his operation, and that's even w/o realizing what he was doing.

As you may…

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