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Inside the Holistic Window you will learn...

How to Confidently talk 
Holistic Pet Care
with (or without)
Your Conventional Vet...

…while spending more time with a happy, healthy pet.

Save yourself months of waiting to get into the vet and potentially thousands of dollars every year with holistic care 

“I have no pills, pet food, or flashy products to sell you. Just reliable, proven information I’ve seen work over my 40 years of veterinary practice.”

- Dr. Jeff Grognet

When it comes to you liking holistic pet care...

When it comes to you liking holistic pet care…


Most people have a lot of questions.


That’s OK.


People are a lot like cats when it comes to opinions:


Everyone has their own opinion.


There is one thing I think is different though. 


Cats seem to have their own opinion about almost everything.


While humans… not-so-much.


Too often humans get their opinions from someone else.


For example, when it comes to feeding your cat a wet diet, even a raw diet…


Few people ever look into it...


With the exception of you.


I don’t see many people asking questions or even experimenting on how to transition. 


Maybe that’s because they don’t see the benefits you may already know these diets offer like:


  • Increased energy levels for your cat or dog

  • No more greasy hair… or oily hands

  • They won’t have the same smell (stink) as kibble fed cats

  • They are far more resistant to parasites

  • Most go into old age peacefully and I would say even have a good passing.


The benefits have become so obvious that one couple I spoke to recently… 


(they have five cats by the way) 


They were excited to hear their friends ask: 


“I thought you had cats in your apartment.”


They couldn’t tell AT ALL.


They went from assuming they knew the answer to…


a changed mind.


Questioning their own beliefs in an instant.


That’s because those women started integrating a new holistic way of thinking and speaking.


They asked a question, and started looking for answers…


Found answers.


And started giving people a reason to believe.



Who speaks for your cat?


That Depends on Where the Word Veterinary Comes From

Even the profession veterinarian…


Which is usually reserved for people who are “qualified” to practice medicine on animals nowadays…


It was originally used much differently. It meant working with animals for better health.


The veterinary medicine we know only really came about a few centuries ago.


We’ve been living with animals, making them a part of our families, and our homes for thousands of years without ever outsourcing our four-legged friends' care to a doctor.


In ancient Rome, birds were kept for entertainment.


In ancient Egypt, cats were kept not only for their role in controlling pests but also as beloved pets in the most luxurious homes.


In ancient Mesopotamia, dogs were domesticated and became part of the family.


So who speaks and cares for your cat?


You, your family, and your village because…


We are connected through biology, energy, and some even think… spirit.


You see, we are not too much different from animals.


We can feel low, we can feel ecstatic, and we can feel run-of-the-mill content.


They are a part of our lives, but since 300 years ago, something has changed.


There’s been a loss of connectedness - a loss of the sense that care, love and comfort is somehow different for the ones who give us so much…


Like you only need to listen to the doctor because science has made your relationship with your faithful friend more like a machine over your furry friend than human and mate.


Instead, it’s that voice that connects you with your companion…


That expands the life and fun of your family and your neighbor has been taken away.


It’s your own vet voice.


So you can develop an unfailing confidence when talking to friends, family, and especially your vet about how the care and love you feel for them is as much and sometimes more than your fellow humans.

Why Anyone Can Develop
their Own Confident Vet Voice

Most of the time I find people think you have to change overnight.


It’s easier to think of it like this:


While most people find it easy to fall back to pills, dry kibble, and the resulting veterinary hospital visits..


You have to know, there is no such thing as a quick fix.


Almost everything that’s advertised to do-it-for-you finds its way back to you in the circle of life.


That’s why so many people live in reaction mode.


Instead of understanding how we are connected, and what our bodies, like our pet’s bodies, really need…


We fall back on the quick fixes then pay for them later.


Like the most of the dry food out there it’s known to cause diabetes, arthritis, increased risk of cancer, and inflammation.


You can learn how to say, ‘NO.’


Here’s how you develop your confident vet voice.


You learn one quick bite of information at a time.

And ask questions...


Within a community overflowing with reliable, proven, holistic pet care information.

Hi, I'm Dr. Jeff Grognet...

I've always loved teaching.

That's my drive.

In a sense, my whole career has revolved around teaching, whether it's in the hospital, teaching cat owners, or teaching for veterinary assistance.


When someone brought their cat in, I'd educate them on care, feeding, and other essentials.

Jeff - 11 - 2_edited.jpg

Now that there are these tools on the internet, and I’ve sold my practice, I can nurture and grow the holistic pet care movement.


I want to educate, and empower pet owners on the importance of holistic nutrition, minimizing vaccines, and reducing toxic exposure…


By first developing their own vet voice through a new holistic perspective.

You're in good hands.

A little about Dr. Jeff Grognet...

  • Award Winning Author

  • Over 40 Years in Practice

  • A Regular Contributor to “AKC Family Dog”

  • Actively teaching for over 35 years

  • I was writing 200 blogs every year

  • Taught over 42,000 aspiring veterinary assistants

  • Developed courses on Pet First Aid and Behavior

  • Advocate of Holistic Pet Therapy and…

  • Holistic nutrition, minimizing vaccines, and reducing toxic exposure

What People are Saying...


"Thank you - I learned so much from the course and from the videos and have, and will continue,
to pass on the course information to other people."


"His Q&A sessions offer so much support and I no longer feel so alone.  My only regret is that I didn’t have access to this valuable information and support several dogs ago! A heart felt thanks, Dr. Jeff!"

Jessie H.

“I work with a lot of rescues to either get them into foster homes or forever homes.
Taking this course has made me want to take as many other courses as I can.”

Therese M.

"Recently we had an issue with our older cat Sophie. She had stopped using the litter box. We were able to change her behavior within the first couple of days after our session. It was very simple and I am happy to say it’s been over a month and she hasn’t had one accident."

Judi B.

"I now feel confident knowing which issues really can wait from those that can't. Your course is truly insightful, and I look forward to the hours I will spend enlightening me on ways I can proactively care for my animals."

Speak Confidently through
The Holistic Window - Feline


With "The Holistic Window," you won't just be a pet owner; you'll be their ultimate advocate... 


Created meticulously for discerning cat lovers, our membership is more than just a guide—it's your feline’s passport to a healthier, happier, and harmonious life. 


Every topic, every technique, curated with precision to develop your unique vet voice. So you can speak up for your friend's best care, anytime, anywhere with kindness, enthusiasm, and confidence.

Here's What You Get Inside...
Video Training Month #1
Aortic Thromboembolism
  • Seeing the Unseen: How to recognize and prevent this “sudden and unexpected” injury so you can do what you can.


  • “Aortic Thromboembolism”: A fancy term for sudden, life-altering illness that literally stops any kitty in their tracks. 


  • 4 Telling Signs to get to your closest emergency vet, stat!

The Natural Diet for Cats
  • What your cat eats outside. It’s a good thing! Why they shouldn’t just bring their prey back to you, they should eat them. Plus, the healthiest thing they could eat.


  • Why cats were domesticated in the first place…their natural diet was all the persuasion farmers needed to make cats a part of the family.


  • Why you rarely see your cat drinking from their water bowl. They won’t drink what they don’t need! This is the real reason they drink a lot of water…if fed the wrong diet.


  • How to read cat food ingredients…If the order of ingredients tells you how much there is of what, then which ones are better than others? 


  • Sometimes it’s not what you see on the label, it’s what you don’t see. Three of the MOST important pieces of information almost every label leaves out.

Herbs for Kidney Disease
  • Kidney disease outpaces cancer in cats. How to set your own pace for your pet’s health and longevity by reducing the risk of both. It’s just ONE small step towards a more connected lifestyle.


  • Regenerate Your Cat’s Kidneys: the #1 Herb to use with ZERO side-effects. Get the exact daily dosage (depending on your cat’s weight). 3 other herbs you can use right now.


  • It’s no myth, or exaggerated advertising… This is why our cats aren’t all living into their twenties… It’s how you can spend much more time with your kitty companion. 


  • 9 SIGNS your cat’s kidneys could be on the decline. Each of them are so common, it could be difficult to tell if the kidney really is involved, but shows just how important it really is… 


  • What to do when enzymes from lab tests show kidney function declining, and blood pressure and sodium increasing. Why tests like these are showing up everywhere.

Transitions to a Healthier Diet
  • When it comes to a healthier diet, this is the ONE cat story I’ll always remember. I tell it over and over because it’s heartbreaking with a happy ending.  


  • Cats share 96% of their DNA with tigers. So when was the last time you saw a tiger being fed froot loops at the zoo? How to transition your little tiger.


  • 3 “Sleight-of-hand” solutions to transition your kitty from kibble, to wet, to raw. They’re simple too.


  • Does your kitty have a kibble addiction? How to build new taste buds and healthier cats at the same time.


  • How to fill your home with cats and surprise guests with ZERO cat smell. Use no incense, air purifiers, or scented candles…

Video Training Month #2
Arthritis Treatment
  • The intuitive method to instantly treat arthritis without pills, supplements, or nasty injections. Reduce this ONE thing and prevent, even protect your pet. 


  • 9 ways to treat arthritis. There are so many products on the market to help soothe painful joints. Where do you start? Here’s the root issue and how to approach it holistically.


  • Do NOT give your pet aspirin! No matter how much you see them in pain. It most likely will cause more problems later. These thee costly health problems could result.


  • How to create a home your arthritis stricken pet won’t want to leave. For almost a year, my cat never left this one soothing spot. Use no pills, injections, or changes in their diet.


  • Incorporating this soup into your cat’s diet can help reduce inflammation. (Does not include golden paste, coconut oil, or CBD Oil.)

Feline Teeth Cleaning and FORLs
  • FORLs! The hidden holes you can’t spot until someone gets in there with the right tools. If your cat has tartar build up, this could be what you need help with right now.


  • How to make your cat's teeth last a lifetime. It’s possible… but it starts here.


  • When you spot these signs and indicators, it’s time to head to your local vet. Reducing pain and suffering will get rid of the pain and suffering.


  • Is anesthetic OK? Get the benefits and the risks…


  • The “Chicken Wing Cheat Code” to keep your cat’s teeth clean. Use this, but watch their weight!

How to Rate a Commercial Cat Food
  • How to find the best commercial for the happiest, most energetic cat you’ll soon see.


  • Extrusion: The DEADLIEST manufacturing method known to Cats, Dogs, and every other animal that walks this green earth. How your cat avoid this “behind-the-scenes” death sentence


  • The TRUTH about “Feed your cat well and hopefully your cat will love you back.” Use this commercial rating system that will show you why your companion loves you for more than their diet.


  • Do you read labels? If you can find a can that has predominantly meat, then you’re on the “raw diet” right track. Here’s the first step after you buy.


  • Dry foods don’t just contain grains. They contain meats, peas, grains, lentils, beans, potatoes, and rice. Your cat DOES need some of those nutrients… So what’s sooo bad?

Feline Hyperthyroidism
  • Why Hyperthyroidism is common in older cats… you need to watch out for it.


  • They say hyperthyroidism can sneak up on cats. If it’s common, now you know. Find out how to handle it the best way..


  • If your cat already has this illness, you’ll learn how to manage it and still enjoy every minute without heartache.

Video Training Month #3
The Importance of Water
  • How to use this “3 Beer Urine Trick”... with Cats! Get the important information it teaches you after ONE hour…


  • Cats are desert animals. You’d be surprised how long they can hold water for…and what they naturally depend on that is rarely part of their meal.


  • Why ALL cats should be given wet food of some type.


  • The easiest way to prevent bladder and kidney stone problems. Find out how to secretly add more water to your cat's daily diet.


  • And when you get down to it… MUCH more!

Core Vaccinations in Cats
  • Find out what they are, and how often they need to be done


  • How to minimize vaccinations and reduce toxicity in your cat's life while extending the life of your cat companion far into the double digits.


  • What you need more of when it comes to vaccinations.

Raw Feeding: Finding the Balance
  • The “Key to your Kittens Heart” without buying a “Complete and Balanced” diet from a bag. I’ll share the simple solutions to include every ingredient your cat needs in a raw diet.  


  • 4 Kinds of Raw Food: Each of them are totally permissible and profitable for your cat’s health, but variety is key. Find out how to rotate them.


  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meal plans don’t need to be complicated. Get the simplest way to start raw.


  • No Cats Ever: “Oh no, I haven’t eaten a squirrel, or a mouse in the last 24 hours.” Future You: “I know what you really want…”


  • Love will always conquer fear: They say that somehow we can't figure out how to feed our cats a balanced diet. You can. These meals will make your cat the happiest and healthiest they’ve ever been. 

Feeling Guilty About Euthanasia?
  • How to respect nature AND deal with your own feelings at the same time. Why that connection, your feelings, and your pet’s wishes should NEVER be dismissed.


  • How to “read” your companion’s mind. Let them tell you when it’s time. They have feelings about when, where and how…


  • I did 2-3 euthanasia a week in our small practice (daily at the large one I began at). Why death is a necessary and important part of caring for your four-legged friend. This interview lets you feel everything you need to…


  • 5 of the MOST common feelings people like you want to get off their chest, even years later…


  • They want you to be there! Here’s the MOST caring ritual I’ve developed over 40 years. It makes the end a new beginning, but you’ll also see how they’ll always be with you.

And that's only the first three months...

Every month you get hours of reliable, and accurate holistic pet care information released to you directly through our education center portal.


Plus, when you sign-up to develop your own vet voice through the holistic window. You get all the exclusive introductory bonuses…

Exclusive Special Gifts for
Members Only


One “Holistic Window” Live Community Zoom Call Every Month 

(Value: $297 per session)

  • Topics decided by you, email me anytime

  • Join Dr.Jeff for Q&A

  • Watch the recordings. Wherever, whenever you like

  • Plus, this can save you money at the veterinary office


Your Holistic Pet - A Guidebook to Optimal Health E-book 

(Value: $27)

  • Discover the cornerstone of your cat’s health

  • Vaccines to Avoid

  • Why your pet is HEAVY

  • How to control parasites, cancers, and allergies


Exclusive Discounts on ALL Conferences, Courses, and more...

(Value: 20% OFF)

  • Save on upcoming conferences and challenges, or an upcoming book…

  • Discounts on previous courses

  • Conferences and challenges at least once every two months


Opportunity to book a paid 1-hour call with Dr.Jeff

(Value: $350,Get a $99 discount)

  • Like a visit to the vet, except with nothing to sell you

  • Get one-on-one holistic pet care advice

  • On screen video insights


Cancel Anytime

  • Keep monthly holistic releases

  • Maintain Access to the live sessions while you have an active subscription.

  • Includes my whole-hearted guarantee

Your Whole-Hearted Guarantee 

If at any time you’re not more than satisfied, send me an email and I’ll issue you a 100% Moneyback guarantee within the first 30 days. Plus, you keep everything from the first month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "The Holistic Window" membership all about?


"The Holistic Window" is a membership program aimed at providing holistic pet care education. It's designed to help pet owners develop their vet voice and understand their cats from a holistic perspective.


2. What topics are covered in the first three months of membership?


The first three months cover a range of topics including natural and raw food diets for cats, herbs for kidney disease, understanding vaccines, aortic thromboembolism, feline teeth cleaning, FORLs, how to transition to a raw diet, feline hyperthyroidism, finding balance in raw feeding, how to work out feelings on euthanasia.


3. How often is new content released in the membership?


New holistic pet care information is released every month, providing hours of reliable and accurate information directly through our education center portal.


4. Are there any bonuses included when I sign up?


Yes, when you sign up you receive multiple bonuses. These include a monthly live community Zoom call, a guidebook e-book titled 'Your Holistic Pet', exclusive discounts on various offerings, the opportunity for one-on-one calls with Dr. Jeff, and the ability to cancel anytime while retaining access to the monthly releases.


5. How can I access the content?


All the content is available through our education center portal. This allows you to access the information anytime, anywhere.


6. Is there a money-back guarantee?


Yes, if you're not satisfied with the program, you can send an email within the first 30 days to receive a 100% money-back guarantee. Additionally, you'll be able to keep everything from the first month.


7. How do the one-on-one calls with Dr. Jeff work?


These calls are similar to a vet visit but without any sales agenda. They provide a platform to get holistic pet care advice directly from Dr. Jeff. These are paid calls. Normally, this would cost $350 per call. The Holistic Window members get a $99 discount - $251 for 1-hour.


8. Can I suggest topics for the monthly live Zoom calls?


Absolutely! Topics for the monthly Zoom calls are decided by the members. You can email your suggestions anytime.


9. What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?


You can cancel your membership at any time. Upon cancellation, you'll retain access to all the content you've paid for so far.


This FAQ aims to provide quick answers to potential members about the offerings, structure, and benefits of the 'The Holistic Window' membership site.

The Holistic Window - Feline is Purrrfect for You If...

The Holistic Window is perfect for you if you are tired of your conventional veterinarian telling you how to take care of your four-legged friend.


If you want to “see through” clever marketing catchphrases…


Or if you want to feel confident sharing how much love you give to your cat and what you feed them with your friends and family…


BUT most of all…


The Holistic Window is for those who understand animals as part of our natural ecosystem, as part of humanities way of life - pre-industrialization, before machines separated us from our families, and pets from their prey, this is perfect for those who want to become advocates for any pet.

Speak Your Voice...

Save yourself months of waiting to get into the vet and potentially thousands of dollars every year.

The Holistic Window - Feline

Monthly Subscription 


  • Hours of New Holistic Pet Care Content Every Month

  • Instant Access to Every Live Community Zoom Call

  • Email Questions Anytime


  • One Live Community Zoom Call Every Month

  • Your Holistic Pet - A Guidebook to Optimal Health E-Book 

  • Exclusive discounts on ALL conferences, courses and more… (Value: 20% OFF)

  • Opportunity to book paid 1-hour, one-on-one calls with Dr.Jeff (Value: $350, get $99 OFF)

  • Cancel Anytime, Keep monthly releases...

Yearly Subscription 


(Save $47)

  • Hours of New Holistic Pet Care Content Every Month

  • Instant Access to Every Live Community Zoom Call

  • Email Questions Anytime


  • One Live Community Zoom Call Every Month

  • Your Holistic Pet - A Guidebook to Optimal Health E-Book 

  • Exclusive discounts on ALL conferences, courses and more… (Value: 20% OFF)

  • Opportunity to book paid 1-hour, one-on-one calls with Dr.Jeff (Value: $350, get $99 OFF)

  • Cancel Anytime, Keep monthly releases...

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