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The Cat That Strikes You

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

You are petting your cat and then she scratches you. Why does she turn into a Godzilla cat? Find out why from a speaker I have from my upcoming holistic cat conference - Anitra Frazier. Sing up for the conference beginning July 16th at

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1 commentaire

Cathy Collin
Cathy Collin
11 juil. 2023

Thank you for organizing this conference.

About cats that strike when petted: I do Animal Communication and realize that there are a group of reasons, really.

Each cat is different, has a different personality. Of course, Anitra Frazier évoqués the most known causes, but we have to look at our animal holistically,globally. What is happening at home? Is he happy?Is the cat spayed ? When was he or her spays? Are there other animals? Are there problems in the home? The person petting is paying attention to what he is doing? What does he have in mind? Are there traumas in the life of this animal?

Also, do not forget that cats do live in groups if left stray or…

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