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The Itchy Cat - is it an allergy?

Finding out of it is an allergy can be perplexing. See the three things that cause allergies.

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Thanks Jeff. I have two cats that definitely have food allergies. One is allergic to chicken and bird meat and the other can so far, only eat turkey or salmon. The first cat would make a sore on his belly or ears, finally got him on a limited diet of turkey but eventually he became allergic to that so now he eats beef or pork. He's getting very old now and I seen him sneak some chicken off another cats plate and nothing happened so I'm wondering he he grew out being allergic. The other cat just had scabby ears, tried all medicine and it would only work short term, finally tried the diet switch and got lucky, but tha…

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Well, I guess that's three cats with allergies not two, sorry about that. The older cat is under control, he would make the sores on his tummy and ears. He got limited diet duck and pea, natural balance canned, that fixed that for a long time then he got allergic to that and I started giving him homemade beef and veggies or freeze dried pork. He seems fine now, thinking he may have out grown his allergies but still watch closely. I put the cat with the crusty ears on the same duck and pea limited diet and it has fixed her ears. She can also eat the limited salmon and pea. The third cat with the missing hair and…

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